TMG’s recent experiences are described by functional area:

Engineering, System Engineering, and Process Engineering

TMG engineers are actively engaged in the development of new war fighting capabilities and systems, as well as modification and enhancement to existing systems, equipment, and software. Recent tasking includes requirements development and analysis, assessments, research and development of new and emerging technologies, evaluation and exploitation of foreign systems, assessment of new concepts, and the generation of and update to system design specifications. Systems and Capabilities supported include:

Prototyping, Pre-Production, Model-Making, and Fabrication Support

TMG personnel have supported prototype design and fabrication, reduced and scale model development, fabrication, and test and evaluation of numerous ship hull forms and their associated control systems. We utilize modern 3-dimensional (3D) computer-aided design (CAD) in the development of prototypes and models based on the Dassault SolidWorks® software suite, and integrate these designs into computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems and machines for use in both commercial and military applications, US and foreign. Support includes:

Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support

TMG software engineers provide full life-cycle software engineering support to NSWC Dahlgren and NSWC Carderock including system development and network support. Tasking at NSWC Dahlgren included supporting the Joint Single Integrated Air Picture (SIAP) System Engineering Office (JSSEO) in the design and development of next generation combat system components using eXecutable Universal Modeling Language (xUML), and software engineering and life-cycle maintenance and technology insertion to the NSWC Dahlgren developed and fielded Enhanced Radar Data Display System (ERDDS).  Additionally, TMG supported NSWC Carderock in designing and installing a turnkey Data Acquisition System (DAS) in prototype vessels.

Human Factors Engineering Support

TMG provides human factors engineering that addresses the nature of human information processing and many of the non-psychological issues of human factors such as workplace layout and safety issues. Our efforts focus on the human-system interaction related to combat systems, focusing on the application of automation, human-computer interaction, and the capabilities and limitations of the human operator, both physical and mental, and how these should guide the design of systems with which people interact. Programs and systems supported include:

Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, and Trials support

TMG personnel have a history in test and evaluation (T&E). This has included the derivation of discrete test requirements, test planning, development of test scenarios and simulations, identification of test and analysis tools, test execution, and post-test data analysis and reporting. TMG personnel support both land-based and shipboard test venues, including technical support to fleet exercises and Naval and Joint Service test events and exercises. Our involvement in testing begins at an element/segment level and progresses through all stages of system development, integration, and interoperability. Further, TMG T&E personnel are actively involved in post-delivery computer program problem identification and resolution, covering the entire spectrum of system life-cycle. Our most recent T&E support includes: